Mccain Vegetables Premium Baby Peas 500

$2.50 each ($5.00 per kg)
Catalogue Special
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UPDATE: Due to overwelming demand with the current COVID-19 crisis we have partnered with Drive Yello to ensure we can continue to home deliver to as many customers around our area as possible. After you complete your online order the team at IGA Marketplace Cleveland will pick and pack your groceries, then a Drive Yello driver will collect them from us and deliver them straight to your door in your chosen time slot.
In the checkout section of this site you will see a new delivery charge depending on your suburb that will give you much more flexibility with delivery times and areas and will allow us to help many more people in the community.

As you would be aware some supermarket products are currently in short supply. Whilst we will do our utmost to fulfil your order, please understand that we may need to substitute ‘like' products and may not be able to provide other products at all. Due to overwhelming demand, we have removed toilet paper and hand sanitiser from our online shopping site altogether. If you would like to purchase either of these products, please let us know via the ’notes’ section when checking out of your online shop. If we have any of these two products in stock, we will add them to your order.

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